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Voters' Views: Carlos Martinez

Barack Obama has accepted the Democratic Party's nomination to run for US president.

Here eight Democratic voters reflect on the party's convention and look forward to the general election.

Carlos Martinez Metal worker | Democrat

Obama projected statesman-like gravitas without blowing his 'ordinary guy' appeal

Carlos Martinez
Age: 37
Lives: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Unemployed metal worker
Last election voted:
In 10 words or less: Critical, optimistic, curious, concerned humanist, proud father

"I was really hoping Obama's speech would inspire me more than it did.

But he made some strong points and projected statesman-like gravitas without blowing his 'ordinary guy' appeal.

I was heartened by the massive turnout and warm reception. There's no way the Republicans can top that.

He still seems like the same bright, committed, open-minded candidate I voted for during the primaries.

Some of my deepest concerns were addressed by speakers at the convention - but there was little policy detail.

All Americans of modest means are struggling with health care costs. I think people in the rest of the world don't quite understand how disastrous our current system is.

There are a growing number of middle-of-the-road voters questioning why we have a 'for profit' health care system

The timbre of the convention shifted in the last couple of days. The keynote speeches have been better and more succinct.

I'm still annoyed by the formula that so many speeches follow. But the displays of solidarity by Hillary and Bill Clinton were convincing - and this will help refocus election coverage onto the main issues.

I'm anxious to see the campaign progress past this protracted nomination process and get to the debates and the real meat of the election."

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I have thought for many years that it makes no sense for "for profit" companies to provide health care services and health insurance. The number one priority in that case is to make a profit for the investors not provide thorough, caring service to the sick. If you're making computers or cars the for profit business model is excellent - but it is totally inappropriate for health care.
James M, Washington DC, USA

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