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Voters' Views: Catherine Anne Smith

Barack Obama has accepted the Democratic Party's nomination to run for US president.

Here eight Democratic voters reflect on the party's convention and look forward to the general election.

Catherine Anne Smith Administrator | Democrat

Obama said nothing to unify the party

Catherine Anne Smith
Age: 58
Lives: Decatur, Georgia
Occupation: Administrator
Last election voted:
In 10 words or less: Unconventional, quick-witted, communicative, optimistic, humanistic, feminist, family-oriented, fun, diligent

"I was terribly underwhelmed by Obama's speech.

After hearing Hillary and Bill Clinton, his words totally lacked anything resembling humanity or humility.

There was not a single hint of reaching out to Hillary supporters. Obama seemed to be speaking to himself about himself and how we all had to support him.

He spoke of compassion, but his body language was stiff and distant.

He said nothing to unify the party.

He just recited a litany of all the things he promises to do - none of which has anything to do with women's rights.

Hillary, as usual, was spectacular. But, it is not her responsibility to unite people. She again and again let us know that she values our support.

In her speech, she once again proved that she is more mature, more gracious and more qualified to run this country than Barack. Obama can only unite the party if he gets over his ambiguity about Hillary and her supporters.

Hillary Clinton remains immensely popular with women and with working class voters - many of whom won't vote for Obama because he hasn't even bothered to ask us to.

If he can't win over his fellow Democrats, how can he lead our country?"

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