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Voters' Views: Catherine Anne Smith

Democrats are gathering for their party convention in Denver, Colorado as the election campaign shifts up a gear.

Here eight Democratic voters from across the US look ahead to the convention and reflect on the state of the party and their candidate Barack Obama.

Catherine Anne Smith Administrator | Democrat

Obama is too young and inexperienced

Catherine Anne Smith
Age: 58
Lives: Decatur, Georgia
Occupation: Administrator
Last election voted:
In 10 words or less: Unconventional, quick-witted, communicative, optimistic, humanistic, feminist, family-oriented, fun, diligent

"The main issues for me going into the convention are universal healthcare and the state of the economy.

I want an end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - so I want to see discussion of our involvement in these conflicts.

Barack Obama is a gifted orator who has the ability to motivate others, especially the young, who seem to follow him without question - I would call them 'lemmings'.

He is too young and inexperienced at negotiating with others in power. He is also more than a bit of a showman and his ego sometimes gets in the way of his message.

While his candidacy is somewhat historic, it pales in comparison to that of Hillary Clinton who is the first serious woman candidate for president.

The US leadership claimed to be exporting democracy - whatever that means - but we seriously need to look at the state of our own democracy. We have very few females in positions of political power.

Some Hillary supporters will back Barack, albeit not enthusiastically, and some, like me, refuse to. I have a difficult time celebrating someone who stole the election from the one person who could unite this country and who is respected worldwide.

And the choice of Joe Biden as Obama's running mate certainly does not sit well with the millions of us who voted for Hillary Clinton."

Your comments:

How can you say 47 year old Obama is too young if the constitutional age requirement is 35 years? How did Obama steal the nomination?
Kingsley O, Columbus, Ohio

Kingsley: Barrack Obama is too young, not by the LEGAL requirements to run for president, but by the practical requirements. He has not had the experience in negotiating with others, including those in Congress, much less those dignitaries in other countries.

Hillary Clinton is well respected internationally, something we really need right now. We don't need just to "feel good", we need to do good.

I do not believe Obama "won" fairly. While Barrack Obama was "making nice" to Hillary Clinton, his staff were undermining her at every chance they could. They complain that Clinton and her husband - the last Democratic president - are "dividing" the party, as if the party belongs only to them.
Catherine Smith, Georgia

The readers' panel has been selected from as wide a cross-section of people as possible and may not be representative of wider US public opinion.

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