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Argentina marks coup anniversary
Two members of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo organisation gather outside Esma on 24 March
Marchers called for all those responsible to face trial
Argentines have marked the 32nd anniversary of the coup that brought the military to power for seven years.

The main commemoration took place at the former Navy Mechanics school, a notorious torture centre.

The school, where babies were also taken from their mothers and given to police and military couples, is now being turned into a memorial museum.

Up to 30,000 people are believed to have died or disappeared during the military dictatorship.

Human-rights organisations estimate that some 5,000 people were tortured and killed at the school in Buenos Aires, known by its Spanish initials as Esma.

Another focus for the commemorations was Buenos Aires's historic square, the Plaza de Mayo.

Over the years, the mothers and grandmothers of those who disappeared have gathered there every Thursday to walk around in a circle, holding aloft the photographs of their missing children.

At Monday's commemorations, they gathered again with the same photographs, many still having no information about what happened to their loved ones.

Events also took place across the country on Monday.

Amnesty law

When civilian rule returned to Argentina in 1983, many military officers were tried and imprisoned for the kidnap, torture and killing of tens of thousands of people.

Subsequent civilian governments passed laws which allowed the guilty to walk free.

But in 2005, amnesty laws were repealed, opening the way for former members of the military and police to stand trial.

President Cristina Fernandez, who took office last December, has spoken of the need to ensure all those responsible for abuses during the military era are brought to trial.

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