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Last Updated: Sunday, 9 March 2008, 09:53 GMT
Heavy storms dump snow on Midwest
Snowploughs at work in Columbus, Ohio
Snowplough teams have been working overtime in Columbus, Ohio
Heavy storms have swept the US Midwest, dumping a record 20 inches (50cm) of snow on Columbus, Ohio, and disrupting flights and other services.

Four people were reported to have died in Ohio while shovelling snow.

The snow was preceded by freezing rain, ice and sleet that swept an area from eastern Kentucky into New York state. It cut power to many areas.

The central United States and parts of Canada have suffered one of their worst seasons of winter weather in years.

Chicago is still suffering very low temperatures for early March, after its snowiest winter in nearly 20 years.

In Canada, air traffic via Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa was disrupted by the same storm system that hit Ohio, and which was set to dump up to 16 inches (40 cm) of snow over the weekend.

A dog plays in the snow in Canada

There were so many car crashes that police had ceased to attend minor accidents, local media said.

In Ohio itself, 20.4 inches of snow fell on Columbus - smashing the city's previous record of 15.3 inches set in 1910.

Cincinnati and Cleveland also received about a foot (30cm) of snow.

At Port Columbus International Airport, a plane skidded off a runway while landing, though no-one was hurt.

Authorities urged people to avoid driving, while snowplough crews were working overtime at the weekend to carve paths through snowdrifts.

Your comments:

I have lived in Ohio all my life, and in all my 52 years I have never seen anything like this. There were drifts up against my doors, and it was impossible to get anywhere. The storm started Friday, and there was not a snow plough to be seen on my street (a major street) until Saturday at 4:00 pm. Churches, malls, libraries and just about everything else shut down. I have not seen this city come to such a standstill since 9/11. This was a storm of the century, and I will not see another like it in my lifetime. Luckily I was prepared, and able to ride it out in the warmth and comfort of my own home, along with my 10 cats.
Ginger-Lyn Summer, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Louisville had about 14 inches - it started snowing Friday at about 8am and didn't stop until lunch-time Saturday. This is the most snow I've seen in the eight years I've lived here.
Dr Paul Pearson, Louisville, Kentucky

We had 50 cm overnight and are going nowhere until the plough comes. The streets were already down to half width as this was the second most snow in a season before this storm. I've cleared my roof three times and there is another meter in paces again. If this is global warming, I want a refund.
Peter Foulger, Ottawa, ON, Canada

We have had a near record snow fall here this year and the snow banks down the driveway are above our heads. The last two days we have had a large dumping that has drifted and our street door is blocked, so the only way out at the moment is via the garage door. My wife was due to leave for cruise out of Florida this morning, most flights out of Ottawa are cancelled and the cruise has been missed. The plan now is to get a train to Montreal and fly to St Thomas in the USVI on Monday and get on the ship Tuesday or Wednesday.
John Murray, Nepean, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Toronto and mid south of Canada around the Great Lakes area had one of the worst snow fall in record. Heavy snow has been piling up along highways and all roads for the last two months. How long will this last is the question in every bodies' minds. Another killing problem is the sky rocking of oil prices making driving very expensive in this harsh winter days.
Sinnathamby Sundaralingam, Toronto, Canada

Well, moving to Chicago after 17 years in Alabama looking forward to snow, if this is the worst Chicago can do in 20 years I'm sorely disappointed. I expected the odd six-foot drift, but not even a single flake today! Lucky Ohio I say.
Steve Rawnsley, Chicago USA


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