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In quotes: Rio summit sparring
The diplomatic crisis involving Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia prompted heated exchanges at the Rio Group summit in the Dominican Republic - where the dispute was finally resolved with a handshake.


"My dear Dominicans, be very careful. If President Uribe thinks there is a Raul Reyes [the senior Farc figure killed by Colombia] in Santo Domingo he will come in and bomb it. And if he comes out with a computer he will say it's your fault."

"We are the victims not the murderers in this conflict. Finally, yes I do, please, call for respect for the Ecuadorean people.

"I tell you, your insolence is doing more damage to the dignity of the Ecuadoran people than your murderous bombs.

"Stop all these fallacies, stop trying to justify the unjustifiable and openly acknowledge that you have no right to attack Ecuador, that you are lying in what you say. Pledge to never again attack a brother country and dismantle this fallacy about the Farc that not even you believe Mr Uribe."

On claims of links to Farc:

"I cannot accept Uribe's lies. These hands are not tainted with blood."

Before shaking hands with Colombia's Alvaro Uribe:

"With the commitment of never attacking a brother country again and by asking forgiveness, we can consider this very serious incident resolved."


"I recognise that I didn't tell him about the mission for two reasons: one less important and the other weightier.

"The less important is because it was the sixth mission against Raul Reyes and those missions you never know if they will turn out or not. We had failed in the five missions before.

"The weightier reason, I didn't tell him about the mission because we've never had co-operation on the part of President Correa in the fight against terrorism."

"Regarding your smile, President Correa, I tell you that we have no interest in hiding anything."

"I hope we can return to a dialogue and speak in a more moderate tone."

On Colombia's conflict with groups such as the Farc:

"The struggle to defeat terrorism in Colombia is an autonomous struggle of the Colombian people and it will continue until the moment our country lives in democracy and pluralism."


"We still have time to stop a whirlpool which we could regret. Let's stop this... Let's reflect, let's be cool-headed."

On Farc and claims Venezuela supports the group:

"For us, they are not terrorists but insurgent forces, guerrilla forces. First you have to recognise that and then look for a path to peace."

On hostage negotiations:

"President Uribe, let me go look for these people like you let me look for the ones before. And let us form a group of countries, a group of presidents.

"And let us work for a humanitarian agreement... Let's take up the idea again of a group of countries for peace, the Santo Domingo group."


"What all of us would like is for this meeting to end with a hug, a handshake, between the presidents of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador, together with their Latin American counterparts."

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