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Five-legged cat to lose two paws
Baby Girl with her extra paw, held by Linda Hughes of the Washington Area Humane Society
Baby Girl will have two paws removed in the operation
A five-legged cat is to undergo surgery to remove a superfluous paw growing from the left side of her body.

The stray was found by a US family in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, and taken to a local animal shelter, where she was named Baby Girl.

The operation will not make her a four-footed feline, as vets also plan to amputate a deformed left hind leg.

But staff at the shelter say Baby Girl is already adept at getting around using only 60% of current paw power.

Chrystin Rice, who works at the Washington Area Humane Society, says Baby Girl is in good health as she waits for her operation, scheduled to take place within the next fortnight.

"She's a little bit wild, but she is very easy to handle," she said.

"The veterinarians who have seen her are just amazed that she has five legs. It's probably from in-breeding."

The operation will improve the cat's quality of life, the society says.

So far no one has applied to adopt Baby Girl, although there have been a number of calls to inquire about her progress.

But Chrystin Rice says people shouldn't be put off by the extra leg - or the forthcoming lack of one which should be there.

"It's actually a really, really nice cat," she said.

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