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Nobel Peace Prize quiz
Archive image of Alfred Nobel (copyright: The Nobel Foundation)
Alfred: inventor, entrepreneur and pacifist (pic: The Nobel Foundation)
The Nobel Peace Prize has a colourful and sometimes controversial history.

In 2007 it was awarded to Al Gore and the scientists of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for their efforts to bring the threats of global warming into sharper focus.

See if your knowledge of the world's most prestigious prize is worthy of an award.

Question 1
Who picks the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize?
A: A group appointed by the Norwegian parliament
B: Members of the Nobel family
C: A select group of former peace prize winners
Question 2
Comedian Tom Lehrer said that satire was obsolete after learning that which US politician had won the Nobel peace prize?
A: Kissinger
B: Nixon
C: McCarthy
Question 3
What happens to the highly secretive nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize?
A: They are burnt during a private ceremony after the winner has been named
B: Both the nominations and the nominees are kept secret for 50 years
C: They are published the day after the award is made public, in a special edition of Norway's Aftenposten paper
Question 4
Which of the following people was not nominated for the Peace Prize?
A: Hitler
B: Stalin
C: Idi Amin
Question 5
Which organisation won the Peace Prize no less than three times?
A: The International Atomic Energy Agency
B: International aid agency Oxfam
C: The International Committee of the Red Cross
Question 6
What was prize founder Alfred Nobel's own personal invention?
A: The hypodermic syringe
B: Dynamite
C: Invisible ink
Question 7
Members of the prize committee have said they regret never awarding the prize to whom?
A: Eleanor Roosevelt
B: Mahatma Gandhi
C: Pope John Paul II
Question 8
Which of the following phrases is attributable to Alfred Nobel?
A: "Justice is to be found only in the imagination"
B: "To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war"
C: "You can't shake hands with a clenched fist"
Question 9
During the years 1939 - 1943 the prize was not awarded. Why?
A: The committee did not feel it appropriate to award a prize for peace during a time of war
B: The prize fund was decimated in a financial crisis caused by the war
C: Most of the prize committee was interned during the occupation
Question 10
Which one of the following people refused a Nobel Peace Prize?
A: Yasser Arafat
B: Lech Walesa
C: Le Duc Tho

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