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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 October 2007, 06:43 GMT 07:43 UK
Argentine village isolates teens
By Daniel Schweimler
BBC News, Argentina

Map of Argentina
The leaders of an indigenous community in north-east Argentina have put their teenagers under quarantine for 60 days.

They are trying to limit what they call the spiritual disorientation of their youngsters, caused by the modern society that surrounds them.

Alcohol is not allowed in and youngsters under the age of 20 are not allowed out of Fort Mborore.

The move came after two youngsters killed themselves and a third attempted suicide in the space of a week.

Village patrol

The head of Fort Mborore, Silvino Moreyra, said the adoption of typical white man's customs had caused what he called a spiritual disorientation of the village's youth.

He said the Guarani people were immersed in a crisis of white man's sins.

A team of 70 volunteers will patrol the village perimeter to ensure residents stick to the rules.

The village elders say they will extend the 60-day quarantine if it proves successful.

The village is near the huge Iguazu waterfalls, a major tourist attraction where many Guarani from Fort Mborore sell arts and crafts, so the adults will be allowed to continue working there.

Argentina, compared with other countries in Latin America, has few indigenous people.

But those who remain are often marginalised, living in extreme poverty and struggling to maintain their languages and customs.

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