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Farc woman steals plane to desert
Farc rebels on military practice in southern Colombia (file pic)
Police said the rebel would be put on a rehabilitation programme
An armed female member of Colombia's Farc rebel group hijacked a small plane to escape life with the guerrillas, police have said.

The woman, who was identified only by her alias "Angelica," took over the plane at an airstrip in Puerto Principe, in eastern Colombia.

Carrying a rifle, machete, knife and 150 bullets, she forced the pilot to fly her to the city of Villavicencio.

Upon arrival she surrendered her gun and said she wished to desert Farc.

Colonel Pablo Gomez, head of police in the state of Meta, where the plane landed, told reporters her plan was clear.

"Her intention was to escape, to desert the subversives because she was tired of this tortuous life that she had in the mountains."

I didn't threaten the pilot. I simply asked him the favour of taking me and well, he was scared.
Rebel deserter

Colombia TV news broadcast images of medical professionals treating the woman, who was wearing camouflaged cargo trousers.

She said: "I didn't threaten the pilot. I simply asked him the favour of taking me and well, he was scared.

"I had my weapon but no, at no moment did I point it at him. Nor did I take out my machete nor my knife nor anything."

Police said the hijacker would not be charged with a crime and would be admitted to the government's rebel rehabilitation programme.

Amnesty laws apply to combatants who willingly disarm in Colombia's half-century civil conflict.

Interview with 'Angelica' denying the hijack

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