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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 September 2007, 10:36 GMT 11:36 UK
New shoe targets Native Americans
Sam McCracken of Nike, with the new shoe
The shoe is intended for use in a range of sports
A running shoe said to be designed specifically for Native American feet has been released in the United States.

Manufacturer Nike says the design was based on research findings that Native Americans have wider than average feet.

The company says it hopes to contribute to programmes aimed at improving fitness and combating obesity among Native American communities.

The Air Native N7 will be available at cost to tribal organisations and schools, which will distribute them.

"Nike is aware of the growing health issues facing Native Americans," Sam McCracken, manager of Nike's Native American Business programme, said in a company statement.

"We believe physical activity can and should be a fundamental part of the health and wellness of all Native Americans."

The shoe is intended for use in a range of sports.

Its design was based on research that involved more than 200 men and women from 70 Native American communities across the United States, which concluded that Native Americans had wider and higher feet than the general population.

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