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Injured man sent for post mortem
By James Ingham
BBC News, Caracas

Medical form being filled out - generic
Rescuers attending the crash filled in the wrong form
An error in paperwork sent a man in Venezuela, who was knocked unconscious in a road accident, for an autopsy.

The confusion occurred after ambulance workers reached the scene of the accident, between a lorry and a car.

Officials completed a form requesting an autopsy rather than one requesting treatment for injuries, and the man was sent to the morgue.

Venezuela's highways police confirmed that the two hospital forms look almost identical and can be easily confused.

Bleeding face

It is not every day that someone wakes up from their own autopsy, but that is what happened to driver Carlos Camejo.

After a crash near the town of La Victoria, rescuers attending the scene filled in the wrong form.

Instead of requesting medical attention, they sent him for an autopsy.

Mr Camejo says doctors discovered he was alive when his face started bleeding.

His wife, who had been told he had died, later found him lying on a hospital trolley in a corridor.

She discovered the autopsy form stuffed into his trouser pocket.

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