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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 August 2007, 20:58 GMT 21:58 UK
Nasa ex-astronaut wins court plea
Lisa Nowak
Capt Nowak took part in a space shuttle mission in 2006
A former US astronaut facing trial on charges of trying to kidnap a love rival has been given permission to remove a GPS monitoring bracelet.

Lisa Nowak, 44, charged with attempted kidnapping, assault and burglary, argued that the bracelet was expensive, bulky and uncomfortable.

She allegedly drove hundreds of miles to confront her ex-boyfriend's lover, and has since been sacked by Nasa.

The other woman, Colleen Shipman, said she still feared Capt Nowak.

The air force captain asked the court to rule that the former astronaut should continue wearing the bracelet.

But a judge in Florida ruled that Capt Nowak had behaved well enough over the last seven months to remove the device.


Capt Nowak, now a navy pilot, is accused of attacking Capt Shipman, the new girlfriend of shuttle pilot William Oefelein, with capsicum spray and trying to jump into her car.

Appearing in court last week in Orlando, Capt Nowak said her ankle-mounted GPS monitoring device was uncomfortable and bulky and caused "abrasions" on her legs.

She said she was unable to swim or run while wearing the device, both necessary activities in her role as a navy captain.

She pledged to follow a court order to stay away from Capt Shipman, who told the court she felt safe knowing Capt Nowak had to wear the device.

"When I'm all alone and there's nobody with me, it's a comfort," Capt Shipman said.

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