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'JFK plot' extraditions approved
John F Kennedy airport in New York City - file photo
The FBI said the alleged plot never got beyond the planning stages
A judge in Trinidad has ordered the extradition of three men to the US on charges they plotted to attack New York's John F Kennedy airport.

The three men, who are from Trinidad and Guyana, are charged with conspiring to cause death, serious bodily injury and extensive destruction.

The judge ruled there was enough evidence to justify extraditing Kareem Ibrahim, Abdul Nur and Abdul Kadir.

The alleged plot involved blowing up the airport's fuel tanks and pipelines.

The three men were arrested in Trinidad in June.

They are accused of belonging to a group linked to Russell Defreitas, a US citizen originally from Guyana.

He used to work at the airport in the 1990s and is already in detention in New York on charges connected to the alleged plot.

The extradition cannot take place until a 15-day appeals period has passed.

Richard Clarke-Wills, a lawyer for Abdel Nur, said he would appeal the ruling and a decision should take at least six weeks.

He insists that a confidential US government informant entrapped the men into plotting to attack the New York airport.

"If it were not for the intervention of this source you would not have these three men before the courts," Mr Clarke-Wills said before the ruling.

"They had no terrorist aspirations or ideals. I have no doubt whatsoever this is a clear case of entrapment."

If convicted, all three men face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The accused men arrive at court

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