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Bush colon cancer check 'clear'
President George W Bush returns to the White House from Camp David, 22 July
President Bush is considered to be in very good health for his age
US President George W Bush has been given the all-clear after undergoing a routine check for cancer of the colon.

Mr Bush, 61, handed over power to Vice-President Dick Cheney for just over two hours on Saturday while the colonoscopy procedure was carried out.

No sign of cancer was found in the five small growths, or polyps, removed during the half-hour test, White House spokesman Tony Snow said on Monday.

"The president is in good health. There is no reason for alarm," he said.

Under the US constitution, power can be transferred to the vice-president if the president is incapacitated - in this case by an anaesthetic.

Mr Bush first had the minor procedure in June 2002 and was following doctor's advice by having a routine check-up this year.

Mr Snow said the president's next scan would be in three years' time, a typical interval given the number of polyps found.

Americans are advised to undergo a colonoscopy every 10 years but where polyps are found, follow-up checks are recommended at intervals of three to five years, the Associated Press news agency notes.

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