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Romario celebrates '1,000th goal'
By Gary Duffy
BBC News, Sao Paulo

Romario celebrates
A tearful Romario celebrates his achievement
The former Brazilian striker Romario scored what he says is the 1,000th goal of his career in a match in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.

Pele is the best-known player to have surpassed 1,000 goals but the record is also claimed by a number of others.

Romario, 41, admits his tally includes youth, friendly and testimonial games.

Romario's 1,000th goal came from a penalty kick in the game between Vasco da Gama and Sport of Recife in the Brazilian national championship.

The fact that it was a penalty did not diminish the joy of his team-mates and the player was immediately mobbed.

Surrounded by television crews, Romario dedicated the goal to his family and children and said it marked an extraordinary moment in his life.

His wife and children were among those who came onto the pitch and it took 16 minutes before the game could be restarted.

Despite the hype, there is controversy surrounding the achievement as Romario's tally is not recognised by football's international governing body, Fifa, which says it only counts goals scored in official tournaments.

However, given his long and highly successful career, there will be few who begrudge the player his night of glory.

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