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'Most costly' celebrity divorces
Basketball star Michael Jordan
Basketballer Michael Jordan married a bank employee in 1989
Falling in love is free but falling out of love can be very costly, according to US business magazine Forbes' list of most expensive celebrity divorces.

Topping the pile of record payouts were US basketball star Michael Jordan and singer-songwriter Neil Diamond, with estimated $150m (75.5m) settlements.

Actor Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg also appeared in the top 10.

"Who did what to whom is far less important in celebrity divorces than who gives what to whom," Forbes says.

Retired National Basketball Association star Michael Jordan has still to finalise his divorce from Juanita Vanoy Jordan, the bank employee he married in 1989 at the peak of his career.

1. Basketballer Michael Jordan, 2007, $150m+
2. Singer Neil Diamond, 1994, $150m
3. Film director Steven Spielberg, 1989, $100m
4. Actor Harrison Ford, 2004, $85m
5. Actor Kevin Costner, 1994, $80m
6. Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, 2007 (divorce still pending - amount is estimated) $60m
7. Film director James Cameron, 1999, $50m
8. Actor Michael Douglas, 1998, $45m
9. Singer Lionel Richie, 2004, $20m
10. Singer Mick Jagger, 1999, $15-25m
Source: Forbes magazine

Forbes estimates that the final settlement will exceed $150m - less than half of his $350m earnings accrued during the marriage - making it the most expensive divorce ever.

Current record-holder Neil Diamond had to pay $150m to his wife of 25 years, Marcia Murphey, after their divorce in 1994.

She was "worth every penny", Forbes magazine quoted the singer as saying.

Third was film director Steven Spielberg who split from his first wife Amy Irving in 1989, after four years of marriage, costing him $100m, Forbes estimates.

The list is populated exclusively by superstar men who settled with their ex-wives - a reflection of the historic dominance men have played in the entertainment industry, Forbes says.

But it goes on to say that expensive as the divorces are, the husbands can certainly afford them.

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