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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 March 2007, 19:14 GMT 20:14 UK
Powerful tornados kill four in US
A tornado sweeps through Oklahoma

Powerful tornados have hit several US states, killing four people as part of a major spring storm.

A couple died in Oklahoma as their home was shredded by the storm, with a woman killed in Colorado and a man found dead in his wrecked Texas trailer.

Dozens of tornados have swept through Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska since Wednesday.

The storm system was still threatening a swathe of states on Thursday morning from South Dakota to Texas.

There were concerns over potential flash flooding in central Nebraska and in Kansas, with worries over heavy snow in Wyoming, where several major roads were closed.

Homes destroyed

Some of the worst devastation was in Holly, Colorado, 235 miles (378km) south-east of Denver, where a 28-year-old woman died, the Associated Press reported.

At least eight people were injured when the tornado ploughed through the town on Wednesday.

Dozens of homes were damaged and the streets and yards were littered with broken power lines, tree limbs and debris.

Vance and Barbra Woodbury were killed when the storm blew apart their home near Elmwood, Oklahoma.

The fourth casualty, Monte Ford, 53, died near Amarillo, Texas, when high winds rolled his trailer and threw hit from it.

Texas was battered by heavy hail and strong rain as well as tornados, AP reported.

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