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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 March 2007, 18:53 GMT
US towns seek Bush's impeachment
US soldiers in Iraq
Some Vermont towns want US troops to be pulled out of Iraq
Some 30 towns in Vermont have passed resolutions urging Congress to impeach President George Bush during the US state's annual Town Meeting Day.

The resolutions over Iraq are symbolic, but "may help instigate further discussions in the legislature", said state representative David Zuckerman.

Town Meeting Day is a colonial-era tradition when citizens debate issues of the day both major and minor.

Several towns also called on Mr Bush to pull troops out of Iraq.

"We're putting impeachment on the table," said James Leas, a Vermont lawyer who helped to draft the resolutions and is tracking the votes.

Vermont has a long tradition of using the day to discuss wider issues.

It goes back to the Civil War era, when several towns voted to abolish slavery, reports the Boston Globe newspaper.

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