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Last Updated: Friday, 2 February 2007, 17:02 GMT
Firm offers 'terror-free' petrol
Terror-Free Petrol Station
The group says it wants to inform the public
A "terror-free" petrol station has opened in the US city of Omaha.

The Terror-Free Oil Initiative (TFO), which runs the outlet, says none of its fuel comes from countries which it believes are supporting terrorism.

It currently uses only petrol from the US and Canada, rejecting supplies from the Middle East and elsewhere.

The TFO admits this is difficult on a large scale but says using its petrol will send a message to the big oil companies that customers want change.

The outlet is decorated to drive home its message. Along with the large Terror-Free signs, the pumps display a diagram of how the owners believe unscreened fuel funds the enemies of the US.

Perhaps most emotive is the TFO's logo, which combines the twin towers, the Pentagon and the United 93 designation of the fourth 9/11 plane.

In a statement, the group's spokesman Joe Kaufman, said: "We cannot help but feel held hostage to the whims of those that, if they weren't accepting our money, would instead accept our demise.

"Because of this, and other reasons as well, our quest is to get away from Middle Eastern oil altogether."

The station is reported to have had a quiet start, not helped by a nearby rival dropping its prices.

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