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Cargo plane crash in west Mexico
People stand behind a security cordon after a cargo plane crashed in Mexico
President Felipe Calderon has cancelled a planned visit to Culiacan
A cargo plane has crashed at an airport in north-western Mexico, killing all three crew members and six people on the ground, officials have said.

The plane overshot the runway and slid onto a road where it hit a military vehicle and other cars.

Officials said two soldiers and four civilians were among those killed on the ground at Culiacan airport.

Mexico's president had been planning a visit to the state of Sinaloa but cancelled the trip after the accident.

The two soldiers who were killed were guarding the airport for his arrival.

Another five people were injured and sent to hospital.

As the plane sped down the runway to take off a tyre exploded and the pilot lost control of the aircraft. It ran onto a road, hitting a military vehicle, two other cars and a mechanic's workshop.

"The plane was not able to take off, and because the airport is in the middle of an urban area, it crashed on a busy road," Oscar Rivera, a spokesman for the pacific coast state of Sinaloa told Agence France Presse.

The twin-engine Sabreliner was owned by a Mexican company, Jet Paqueteria.

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