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Rescued Katrina embryo baby born
Noah and his mother
Mother and baby Noah are both well
A US woman whose frozen embryos were rescued from a flooded fertility clinic weeks after Hurricane Katrina battered New Orleans has given birth to a boy.

Noah Markham was born 0723 local time (1323 GMT). His mother Rebekah, 32, said she chose the name "because God put it on his heart to build an ark".

Her embryos were among 1,400 stored in canisters of liquid nitrogen retrieved by police in boats in 2005.

Seven other families are expecting babies from the saved embryos in 2007.

Noah was delivered by Caesarean section at St Tammany Hospital in Louisiana and weighed just over 8lb 6oz (3.78kg).

Relatives waiting at the hospital are reported to have cheered and applauded as the baby's father announced: "It's a boy."

'Bundle of joy'

Rebekah and Glen Markham had five embryos stored at the clinic, which helped them conceive their first-born Witt.

We're fixing to have a bundle of joy to bring home and it's because of them [the rescuers]
Rebekah Markham

After Hurricane Katrina struck, doctors feared the embryos would be lost as the clinic was left without power and temperatures soared to more than 38C (100F).

The canisters containing the embryos were recovered after doctors and police officers led a rescue operation to the site in flat-bottomed boats.

Speaking before the birth, Mrs Markham said it was one of the few positive stories to come out of the disaster.

"We're fixing to have a bundle of joy to bring home and it's because of them [the rescuers]," she said.

"There's so many bad stories that you hear from Katrina and even now, it affects people in a negative way. So to have something so miraculous and, you know, beautiful... I'm fine with it. It's a good Katrina story."

Noah makes his first TV appearance

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