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LA excited by Beckham arrival
By Peter Bowes
BBC News, Los Angeles

You would think David Beckham had just been nominated for an Oscar, given the frenzied air of excitement surrounding his impending move to Los Angeles.

David Beckham
Beckham's reported salary has raised multiple eyebrows

The former England captain's five-year, $250m (128m) deal to join the local club, Los Angeles Galaxy, has made as many headlines in the Hollywood press as it has in the mainstream media.

The Hollywood Reporter explains that Beckham is "no mere soccer player".

Clearly an understatement, but just in case anyone is still in the dark, it adds: "Beckham - yes, as in Bend It Like Beckham."

"Sooner or later, one way or another, David Beckham seemed destined for Hollywood," writes Mike Penner in the Los Angeles Times.

"He has been up and down in the public eye, but his transformation into global star makes LA a logical choice."

They'll be hounded a little bit
Landon Donovan
Future team-mate

But it is the prospect of both Becks and his wife Posh arriving in Tinsel Town that has the local paparazzi salivating. As the celebrity couple du jour, David and Victoria, will get the red carpet treatment wherever they go.

In the fickle world of showbiz, the easy-on-the-eye couple are poised to steal the limelight from Brangelina and TomKat.

They will be awash with invitations to the glitziest parties in town. The Beckhams will be star attractions at movie premieres and on chat shows.

"They'll be hounded a little bit," warns Landon Donovan, the LA Galaxy's current star player.

"If it's about Hollywood and other things, I'm sure he's got big bodyguards."

Security will be an issue. But in a city where celebrities tend to be taken for granted, the Beckhams may be surprised by the ease with which many famous people manage to live ordinary lives here.

Sign advertising arrival of David Beckham
There is one footballer Angelenos have heard of

A-list stars are often seen driving themselves around or shopping in the mall, without the constant attention of autograph hunters.

And the world's most famous footballer's wife will be spoiled for choice in the marble-paved shopping plazas of Beverly Hills.

Celebrity websites are already speculating about Victoria's first shopping trip on Rodeo Drive with pal Katie Holmes.

Perhaps David and Tom Cruise will retreat to the finely-manicured golf courses of Pacific Palisades or join the surfing crowd in Malibu.

The picture opportunities are endless.

There is no doubt that the couple will enjoy a pampered lifestyle. With more money than anyone could hope for, Beckham is a natural fit for Los Angeles.

Hollywood, ultimately, is all about the bottom line, and the football star's natural ability as a marketing magnet is bound to open even more doors.

The party is only just getting under way.

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