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School Day 24: Mexico-US
Mexican pupils take part in link-up

Pupils in San Juan Tianguisminalco, a small town in Puebla, Mexico, linked up with Hispanic children in the US city of Chicago to share their experiences.

The students came from the Maria del Carmen Serdan High School in Mexico and the Gage Park High School in Chicago.

Question from Yadira in Chicago

I would like to know how you imagine a day of our lives.

Map showing US and Mexico
Marisol Gallardo, Mexico: I imagine your life is happy and fun. You have many more possibilities to go out and have fun. We don't have much of that here.

Josue Hidalgo, Chicago: I think we are happy. I'm not saying we're not, but there is a lot of danger here, there are gangs, and this is one of the most dangerous things in the US. Life is also routine, so we are very stressed.

Question from Laura in Mexico

Why are you in the United States?

Yadira, Chicago: We are here because our parents decided to emigrate to give us a better life, a better future. They want us to be better and to make something of our lives.

Question from Karen in Chicago

Would any of you in Mexico want to come and visit us, or emigrate?

Pupils in Chicago take part in the link-up
Students in Chicago take part in the debate
Jesus, Mexico: I would like to go to the US to work there and help my parents, because there aren't many job opportunities for doctors, which is what I want to be when I grow up.

Maria del Rosario, Mexico: I wouldn't like to go as an immigrant. I want to visit, but not to stay.

Carlos, Chicago: It's a good decision, not to come. This life is routine, you come to school at 0800, you go home, or if you have a job, you work and only go home to sleep. The same thing every day.

Maria del Rosario, Mexico: But do you think it's worth to change money for happiness? Because you don't seem so happy to me.

Yadira, Chicago: I think it depends on the person, everyone has a different way of seeing it. I love it, because I come to school, I see my friends, I go to work, or I stay at home.

Question from Gustavo in Mexico

Do you practise Mexican traditions?

Mariela, Chicago: We do, we keep practising them, but we have many worries about work and not enough time to sleep - sometimes you don't have time to celebrate them. But the big ones we do celebrate, like Christmas, Revolution Day, 5 de Mayo. We celebrate them and it's great!

Question from Laura in Mexico

How do you feel when you hear the Mexican national anthem?

Marķa del Carmen Serdan High School
The school in Mexico lies in the shadow of a volcano
Josue, Chicago: I feel like crying, I sing it on my own, even if I sometimes don't remember it so well. Your heart shrinks, I remember when I lived there - thinking of people having fun there. But I know I will be back some day.

Laura replies: I am happy that there are people like you, who feel something about the anthem, because some people just leave and forget, but they don't know how wonderful Mexico is and what they are missing. Never forget Mexico, never forget you are Mexicans.

Question from Carlos in Chicago

Are you happy with your school, do you have enough technology to study?

Pupils at Gage Park High School
Gage Park has 1,700 students
Laura, Mexico: No, I don't think our school has the technology you must have.

Marķa del Rosario, Mexico: But it's not only about technology, it's about knowing where you want to go. It's having the will to say "I want it" and pursuing it.

Josue, Chicago: Our parents came because there were more opportunities and more chances to go to university.

Peter, Chicago: Yes, technology and education are important, but I wouldn't swap happiness for education. If my family (I am Colombian) felt happier there, I would move to Colombia and stay there.

Yadira, Chicago: I am proud of being Mexican, but if I had to decide on my family's future, I would stay here, because there are things we can't control; we cannot control the Mexican government, only our lives. I prefer the US government, because it takes better care of us, it protects us. I don't mean to be critical, but if I had to decide, I would stay.

Question from Marisol in Mexico

How do you feel about the wall they are building?

Blanca, Chicago: It's something that affects us all. Obviously, we don't agree with it. They could spend their money on better things.


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