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Last Updated: Monday, 4 December 2006, 14:31 GMT
Chavez victory consumes media
Newly re-elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez greets supporters in Caracas
Most major national newspapers in Venezuela do not support Chavez

President Hugo Chavez's convincing victory in Sunday's presidential election gets wide media coverage in Venezuela.

Both state-run Venezuelan television and the private pro-opposition Globovision TV have been updating their viewers regularly on the state of play, reporting Mr Chavez leading his main rival by about 61% of the vote to 38%, with the other 12 candidates mustering single figures between them.

Globovision broadcast in full the speech of Manuel Rosales conceding defeat but promising to "take to the streets" and ensure that what he claimed were the major opposition advances during the election campaign did not go to waste.

"We began to ignite that flame, to restore faith, and seek with strength, the construction of an alternative," Mr Rosales said, adding that just 3% support at the start of the campaign had turned into 10 million votes through hard work and dedication.

Democracy was the victor!
Comment in El Universal

Most major national newspapers in Venezuela back the opposition, although the mood on Monday appeared one of resignation and acceptance of a Chavez victory.

Tal Cual published a front-page banner headline asking "What awaits us?" with a cartoon of two pairs of hands over a crystal ball.

Unity plea

El Universal carried a cartoon contrasting the "panorama for 3 December [election day]" - a colourful red flower in a pot - with 4 December - a spiky cactus.

However, writing in the same paper, Felix Cordero Peraza appears pleased that "Democracy was the victor!"

He says that despite all the talk of polarisation and division in the run-up to the vote, "yesterday, we democratically elected the president".

He tells his readers that now it is time for Venezuela to enjoy "unification, concord, respect and fraternity".

Chavez sweeps the board
Headline in Diario Vea

Another traditional Chavez antagonist, El Nacional, runs a banner headline giving the president 61% with a picture of him giving a clenched-fist salute to a crowd.

A sub-heading declares: "The president wins in all states, including Zulia", the state of which his main rival was governor.

Another report says that business people "made a call for unity following the presidential election".

One of the few pro-Chavez papers, Diario Vea, publishes the front-page headline: "Chavez sweeps the board."

"The victory of Chavez has been overwhelming and transparent", says an editorial in the paper.

"It signifies an important advance in the patriotic conscience... the deepening of the Bolivarian Revolution... Yesterday was a fiesta of Venezuelan revolutionary democracy."

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