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Last Updated: Saturday, 23 December 2006, 00:14 GMT
NY store drops 'faux fur' jackets
A raccoon dog
Raccoon dogs are mainly nocturnal animals indigenous to Asia
A New York department store has said it is pulling two models of hooded jackets from its shelves after claims the "faux fur" linings were made from dog fur.

A US animal protection organisation said the hooded jackets at Macy's were lined with raccoon dog.

Raccoon dogs, which are not kept as pets, are bred in large numbers as their fur is like that of the raccoon.

Macy's said it was removing the items to comply with its policy against selling any dog or cat fur.

A spokesman said that all suppliers were aware of this policy.

Campaigners claim 2 million cats and dogs slaughtered every year
Main exporter: China
12 to 15 adult dogs needed to make a dog fur coat
Up to 24 cats needed for cat fur coat
Cat and dog fur also used in hats, gloves, shoes, blankets, stuffed animals and toys
Dog fur sometimes labelled as: Gae-wolf, sobaki, Asian jackal, goupee, loup d'Asie, Corsac fox, dogues du Chine, or simply fake or exotic fur
Cat fur sometimes labelled as: house cat, wild cat, katzenfelle, rabbit, goyangi, mountain cat

A mainly nocturnal animal, thousands of raccoon dogs are killed every year for the fur trade.

It is estimated that two million cats and dogs are being killed in China by fur traders each year.

Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States said that much raccoon dog fur was sourced in China where "domestic dogs and cats and raccoon dogs are killed in gruesome ways".

Mr Pacelle said the organisation's investigation showed retailers and designers were not paying enough attention to fur trims.

In November, the European Commission announced it was taking steps to ban the trade in cat and dog fur across the EU.

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