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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 December 2006, 05:10 GMT
NY police shooting victim buried
A coffin bearing the body of Sean Bell
Mourners arrived at the church where Mr Bell was due to marry
A man shot dead by police in New York on his wedding day has been buried.

Sean Bell, who was black, was killed on Saturday when officers opened fire as he left a strip club where he had spent his stag night celebrations.

Hundreds of mourners attended his funeral. Some held signs reading "Justice for Sean Bell'.

Civil rights leader Al Sharpton attended the service. His call for forgiveness was greeted with cheers despite the anger caused by the death.

"We must give Sean a legacy. A legacy of justice, a legacy of fairness. We don't hate cops, we don't hate race, we hate wrong," Mr Sharpton said.

A large crowd on Friday had gathered outside the church where police barricades had been put in place.

The Reverend Lester Williams delivered the eulogy at the church where Sean was due to marry his childhood sweetheart.

"I am angry as hell, but our anger must not cause us to sin," he said.

Police fired 50 bullets at Mr Bell's car after it reportedly struck an unmarked police vehicle.

Two of his friends were hurt in the shooting, which officials say was due to police fears of an armed "altercation".

No weapons were found on the three men or in their car.

Five officers have been placed on leave during an inquiry into the shooting.

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