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Peron DNA taken in paternity case
Juan Domingo Peron
The Peron era is still regarded fondly by many Argentines
Scientists have removed a DNA sample from the body of former Argentine President Juan Domingo Peron to settle a paternity claim.

A 72-year-old woman, Martha Holgado, has been fighting a court battle to be recognised as Peron's only descendant.

She says the late leader fathered her in an extra-marital relationship during his marriage to his first wife.

The court decision to allow the DNA test paves the way for Peron's body to be moved to a new mausoleum next week.


Officials have been working for years to move Peron's remains from Buenos Aires' Chacarita cemetery to the grounds of the late leader's weekend home in the San Vicente suburb.

But Ms Holgado's legal campaign to have a DNA sample taken from his body delayed the move.

Many supporters of the former president have opposed Ms Holgado's demand, describing it as an insult to Peron's memory.

Political and union leaders are now expected to preside over a reburial ceremony at Peron's new grave next week.

Peron is still revered by many Argentines who see him as a champion of the country's poor.

President Nestor Kirchner, a leftist from the party once affiliated to Peron, faces re-election next year.

Footage of the woman claiming to be Peron's daughter

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