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'We hid under the desks'
Dawson College student flee from the scene
Students fled as news of the gunman spread across campus

Students and teachers tell the BBC News website about their experiences when a gunman entered their college in the centre of the Canadian city of Montreal.

Mitch Ludington, student:

My class had just ended and a friend of mine left and then came running back saying that there was a man with a gun, and blood everywhere.

At first I thought she was joking but after seeing the tears in her eyes and after hearing the gunshots, I believed her.

Me and another guy grabbed all the tables in the class and blocked the door. We sat there holding the tables as if our lives depended on it. I called the police and told them the room we were in.

Many times during this period of time I heard shots being fired.

I heard that they were getting closer and closer to us.

Thana Cha, student:

Dawson College students shelter behind a car
The feeling of the bullet shockwave hitting my skin will be something that will stay in my mind for a very long time
Jesse Binstock, Dawson College employee

I was there doing my work on my computer and suddenly somebody screamed by the window.

Everybody was curious and went to see what was happening outside. We saw big groups of students and teachers going out from the main college entrance.

When we heard that at least four people had been badly wounded, everybody started to panic.

We hid ourselves under the desks until the cops came to lead us away. When we were finally out, I saw people covered with blood.

Jesse Binstock, Dawson College employee:

The shooting started at the second of three main doors to the college. I was about 15-20ft downstairs from the gunman and was unable to see them...

There was a quick succession of about six to 10 shots, then further shooting for 15-30 minutes.

The college was evacuated and the police were there extremely quickly.

The feeling of the bullet shockwave hitting my skin will be something that will stay in my mind for a very long time.

Marcus, resident of the complex opposite Dawson College:

I saw it all unfold in front of my eyes, it was unreal. I was on my way home... when the gunman started shooting. We all ran into the mall...

From my window I could see the body of the gunman who was killed. I saw the struggle between him and the police.

Michele Bismuth, local resident:

As I'm writing helicopters are still circling the area... Students were rushing en masse, police sealed the streets.

There are two shopping indoor malls and they were evacuated... cell telephones were not functioning. Before the shooting the city is always animated - people going for lunch, and it is always so peaceful.

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Gun rampage at Canadian college
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