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Second lottery win for US woman
Briefcase full of dollars
Ms Wilson will get $50,000 a year for 20 years
A US woman who won $1m (536,000) in the New York state lottery four years ago has beaten the odds by winning another $1m lottery jackpot.

Valerie Wilson scooped her second $1m prize on a lottery scratch card.

Experts say that the chances of her winning both games were an incredible 1 in 3,669,120,000,000.

"The first time I couldn't believe it," the 56-year-old Long Island deli worker told the Newsday newspaper. "This time I said, 'God's on my side'."

Lottery officials say that in 2002 Ms Wilson beat odds of 1 in 5.2 million when she won the Cool Million scratch card game.

Then last month she beat odds of 1 in 705,600 by winning New York lottery's Jubilee scratch card game.

This one is going to be for me. I'm going to live a little bit
Valerie Wilson
According to New York state lottery officials, there have been two other double jackpot winners, who like Ms Wilson each won $1m prizes on two separate occasions.

"I lost my husband in 1993, so I went to the cemetery and thanked him," Ms Wilson told Newsday. "I figured he had something to do with it."

Ms Wilson says that the first time she won she used the money to help buy houses for her three children.

"This one is going to be for me," she said of the latest win. "I'm going to live a little bit."

Instead of getting a lump sum, Ms Wilson will get instalments of $50,000 a year for the next 20 years.

But despite her double victory Ms Wilson says she is not planning to quit her job in a local deli where she makes sandwiches and works on the till.

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