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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 August 2006, 03:46 GMT 04:46 UK
Two held over US serial killings
Windscape Apartments in Mesa, Arizona
The men were arrested at these apartments in Mesa, Arizona
Police in a US city terrorised by serial killers have arrested two men suspected of involvement in one of the sets of crimes.

Dale Hausner, 33, and Samuel Dieteman, 31, are suspected of being behind the so-called "Serial Shooter" case in Phoenix, Arizona.

Six murders and 17 other attacks have been blamed on the "Serial Shooter".

A separate attacker, known as the "Baseline Killer", is blamed for eight deaths since last September.

The latest victim in the "Serial Shooter" case is thought to be Robin Blasnek, who was fatally shot on Sunday in Mesa, Arizona, as she was walking from her parents' home to her boyfriend's house.

The two arrested men, who are friends, were held at a gated apartment complex in Mesa, less than three miles from where the 22-year-old was killed.

Intense investigation

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon said the random nature of the murders had made investigations difficult.

"One killer has been raping and killing women and some other victims - males. And another serial killer has been killing animals and people," he told the BBC's World Today radio programme.

"There was no connection from any of the victims to the suspects. And the victims were different sexes and ethnicities and ages."

Fear and paranoia have gripped the Phoenix area in recent months as police linked more and more seemingly random shootings.

Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris said the suspects were arrested after information received by the public identified their whereabouts on Monday night.

Assistant Police Chief Kevin Robinson said interviews with the two were continuing and that authorities may not know the motive for the shootings for a while.

Police in Arizona have feared that two separate serial killers were competing with one another to see who could take the most lives, says the BBC's Jon Kay in the US.

The "Baseline Killer", blamed for a cluster of murders, armed robberies and sex attacks, was given the name after the Baseline Road area of the city, where many of the attacks have taken place.

The Mayor of Phoenix speaks about the arrests


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