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Last Updated: Sunday, 23 July 2006, 21:50 GMT 22:50 UK
Colombian politician's son freed
Juan Carlos Lizcano after his liberation
Colombia has one of the world's worst records for abductions
The kidnapped son of a politician has been freed by troops in Colombia - though his father, abducted six years ago by another group, remains missing.

Juan Carlos Lizcano, 23, was seized in April in the Risaralda region west of the capital, Bogota, by the Popular Liberation Army group.

He was released on Saturday night after troops surrounded his captors.

His father, Congressman Oscar Tulio Lizcano, was abducted by the country's main rebel group, the Farc, in 2000.

Speaking to journalists in the Risaralda town of Pereira, Juan Carlos Lizcano gave no details of his release but thanked the army for their help.

He said he was happy to be free but his heart was "still in captivity" because his father remained a prisoner of the Farc (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), Colombia's El Tiempo website reports.

The Farc says it wishes to exchange its captives for members held in Colombian prisons.

The Popular Liberation Army (EPL) is Colombia's third-biggest rebel group, behind the Farc and the National Liberation Army (ELN).

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