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Last Updated: Friday, 30 June 2006, 20:16 GMT 21:16 UK
US website sued over cheat 'slur'
By Justin Webb
BBC News, Washington

www.DontDateHimGirl.com features details about alleged cheats
The creator of a US website that lets women complain about men they say have wronged them is facing legal action from a featured man.

The man, a lawyer, says he has been defamed, and the website should be forced to check its facts.

The site, DontDateHimGirl.com, allows men to respond but not to get postings taken down - a policy now under review.

The website owner compares herself with a coffee shop proprietor who is not liable for her customers' gossip.

The site calls itself the world's biggest data base of alleged cheaters - a powerful online resource which lets you browse a search engine of alleged liars and cads.

Amid online discussions of whether all men lie all the time, there are names and other details of alleged cheats, even photographs.

Todd Hollis, a criminal attorney of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, says two anonymous local women posted items about him claiming that he is, among other things, unfaithful.

Mr Hollis says he is the one who has been wronged and the website has a duty to check the veracity of information it carries.

As is the case with many of the relationships documented on the site, this row will end in court.

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