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New Haitian cabinet takes office
Haitian PM Jacques-Edouard Alexis
Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis heads a six-party cabinet
Haiti's democratically elected government has been sworn in.

Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis' new cabinet replaces the interim administration named after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide fled in 2004.

Current President Rene Preval said Haiti was on the path to recovering its sovereignty, but said it needed the help of the international community.

A UN peacekeeping force is deployed in Haiti, which remains deeply divided between rival political factions.

The swearing in of Mr Alexis and his six-party coalition cabinet brings to a close more than two years of political uncertainty.


BBC regional analyst Emilio San Pedro says the government faces huge challenges - such as improving social and economic conditions in the Americas' poorest country.

Haitian President Rene Preval
Permanent dialogue will be crucial for national protection
Rene Preval
Haitian President
The cabinet will seek to rebuild perennially frail democratic institutions in a country that has known mostly authoritarian rule, our correspondent adds.

President Preval - a former ally of Mr Aristide - urged Haitians to work together to overcome the mistrust among political groups.

"Permanent dialogue will be crucial for national protection," he said at Friday's swearing-in ceremony.

The new cabinet includes several members of Mr Preval's Lespwa party and a representative from five other parties - including Mr Aristide's Fanmi Lavalas.

Mr Aristide was forced into exile after former army soldiers launched a rebellion in early 2004 amid ongoing political and economic turmoil.

An interim government was formed, and UN peacekeepers were sent to curb continuing violence.

President Preval and a new parliament were elected in February.

See the new members of the Haitian cabinet


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