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Bush and Blair: Key points
US President George W Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair have conceded that serious mistakes were made during and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Below is a selection of key points from a joint news conference in Washington.


Tony Blair (l) and George W Bush
UK reporters asked if this would be Mr Blair's last Washington trip
I think the biggest mistake that's happened so far, at least from our country's involvement, is Abu Ghraib. We've been paying for that for a long time.
George W Bush

I think that probably in retrospect, though at the time it was very difficult to argue this, we could have done de-Baathification in a more differentiated way than we did.
Tony Blair

Saying "Bring it on", kind of tough talk, you know, that sent the wrong signal to people. I learned some lessons about expressing myself maybe a little in a more sophisticated manner. I think in certain parts of the world it was misinterpreted and so I learned from that.
George W Bush

It's easy to go back over mistakes that we may have made. But the biggest reason why Iraq has been difficult is the determination by our opponents to defeat us. And I don't think we should be surprised by that.
Tony Blair


I know the decision to remove Saddam Hussein was deeply divisive for the international community. And there's no point in rehearsing those arguments over and over again. But...now that there is a democratic government in Iraq, elected by its people, and now they are confronted with those whose mission it is to destroy the hope of democracy, then our sense of mission should be equal to that.
Tony Blair

The decision to remove Saddam Hussein was right. But not everything since liberation has turned out the way we had expected or hoped. We've learned from our mistakes, adjusted our methods and built on our successes.

No question it's created consternation here in America. When you see innocent people die day in and day out, it affects the mentality of our country.
George W Bush


We've got to continue to work to convince them that we're serious, that if they want to be isolated from the world, we will work to achieve that.
George W Bush

They must understand that the word of the international community is sure and is clear, and that is that the obligations that are upon them have got to be adhered to.
Tony Blair


My attitude is, I want him to be here so long as I am the president. I'll miss those red ties, is what I'll miss. I'll say one thing. He can answer the question, don't count him out, let me tell it to you that way. I know a man of resolve and vision and courage.
George W Bush

Probably wise not to say anything more at all.
Tony Blair

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