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Fujimori says he respected rights
Alberto Fujimori seen with his daughters Sashi (left) and Keiko (right) outside his residence in Santiago
Alberto Fujimori has been out on bail since last week
Peru's former president Alberto Fujimori has told the BBC that charges of human rights violations against him are isolated and "without substance".

Mr Fujimori was speaking from Chile where he has been freed on bail while the Chilean Supreme Court rules on whether he can be extradited to Peru.

The ex-president is wanted on charges of corruption and human rights abuses.

In the interview, Mr Fujimori refused to say explicitly whom he backs to win Peru's presidential election on 4 June.

Mr Fujimori, who was president from 1990 to 2000, maintained his position that the charges against him were isolated cases.

He said the Peruvian security forces were given guidance on how to act against left-wing groups.

"In my government, there were clear instructions that the fight against violence was to be carried out with respect for human rights," Mr Fujimori told the BBC's Spanish Latin American service.

Mr Fujimori was released on bail last week. He had been in detention since November 2005, when he arrived in Chile from self-imposed exile in Japan with a view to running in the Peruvian presidential elections.

But he has now been banned from holding public office in Peru until 2011.

Peruvian authorities want to try him on charges including authorising 25 murders, abduction and torture of opponents, as well as embezzlement and corruption.


Peru has urged Chile to prevent Mr Fujimori from making any political statements, saying recent comments by the ex-leader constitute an unacceptable interference in the electoral process.

On 4 June, ex-army officer Ollanta Humala will face another former president, Alan Garcia, in a run-off vote.

"I don't wish to say which of the two candidates I favour as I have taken the decision not to get involved in the electoral process," Mr Fujimori said.

The political return of Mr Garcia, whose term in office from 1985 to 1990 was marked by hyperinflation and a bloody insurgency by Shining Path guerrillas, had been "unthinkable" a few years ago, Mr Fujimori said.

But Mr Garcia's political thinking had "evolved".

Mr Fujimori said Mr Humala had "different" policies to those he had pursued in office.

The former army officer led a military rebellion against Mr Fujimori's government in 2000.

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