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Last Updated: Monday, 22 May 2006, 05:56 GMT 06:56 UK
Five dead in US church shooting
People at scene of Baton Rouge shooting
People watched as police sealed off the scene of the shootings
A gunman has opened fire at a church in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, killing four people and wounding one, reports from the US say.

The man then abducted his wife and one of his children and fled the church, police said. The woman was later found shot dead but the child was unharmed.

The suspect, identified as Anthony Bell, 25, was later arrested.

The incident happened during the morning church service. The motive of the shooting was not immediately known.

At least two of the people shot dead in the church were the suspect's in-laws, police said.

The shooting took place in the Jesus Christ Church in the northern part of the city, according to WDSU-TV.

A local police official, Charles Armstrong, told the AFP news agency the attack was "one of the worst crimes we have seen in Baton Rouge for a long time".

"It is the ultimate invasion when you invade the safety of a church," he said.

Mr Bell fled the church in a car and was later captured at a nearby apartment complex, police said.

His wife - whose name was not immediately released - was found shot dead there.

The couple's two other children were found safe at home.

The scene of the shootings

Church shooting baffles US police
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