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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 May 2006, 02:00 GMT 03:00 UK
Houston jet in emergency landing
See the jet make an emergency landing at Houston airport

A Continental Express jet has landed safely at Houston airport in Texas, despite having damaged landing gear.

The plane with 45 passengers and three crew on board had flown around the airport for two hours burning off surplus fuel before landing.

The plane reportedly had no rubber on the wheels of its left landing gear after blowing a tyre as it took off from Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The plane was en route for Minneapolis, when the emergency was declared.

It made a near-perfect landing at the airport, with only a few wisps of smoke seen escaping from its rear wheels.

Officials at the airport delayed an earlier attempt at landing so they could assess the damage and the plane could burn off fuel, a Continental Express spokeswoman told the Associated Press news agency.

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