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Last Updated: Monday, 1 May 2006, 22:03 GMT 23:03 UK
Mexico in migrant solidarity show
By James Haider
BBC News, Mexico

Protest outside the US embassy in Mexico City
Despite the protest, many shoppers seemed indifferent to the calls
Thousands of people have marched in Mexico in solidarity with Mexican migrant workers demonstrating for more rights across the border in the US.

Demonstrators also called for a total boycott of American products.

The protest by migrant workers in the US was called A day Without Immigrants - in the Mexican capital it was called A Day Without Gringos.

Migrant groups asked shoppers to stay away from US stores in order to send a tough economic message to America.

They also organised protest marches in the city centre waving banners that read "Migrant workers are honest workers, not terrorists."

But while most Mexican shops are closed for the national bank holiday, US-owned chain stores remained open.

Business was brisk at Starbucks cafes and Walmart supermarkets, and many shoppers seemed indifferent to the boycott call.

Even so, events here have not been without controversy too.

American companies in Mexico employ a staggering 40% of the local workforce and critics of the boycott say it is counter-productive.

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