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Stuntman tries Empire State leap
View from the observation deck of the Empire State Building
View from the 86th floor of New York's Empire State Building
A man has been arrested after trying to parachute from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building in New York.

Stuntman Jeb Corliss was apprehended on the observation deck and handcuffed to railings, officials said.

Mr Corliss, a US TV host, had hidden a parachute, jumping gear and a helmet with a fixed camera under heavy body padding to get through security.

The 30-year-old has been charged with assault, reckless endangerment and other offences, police said.

It's New York City, it's rush hour - it's not the time to be jumping off buildings
Timothy Donahue
Empire State Building official

Police Inspector James McCarthy said the man had got through security disguised in a "very expensive, elaborate costume that made him appear like an older and a heavier gentleman".

When Mr Corliss got to the 86th floor, he took off the padding and attempted to carry out his stunt - wearing the helmet with a video camera attached, police said.

Mr Corliss climbed over a security barrier on the side of the New York landmark, but a guard grabbed his leg before he could jump, according to Empire State Building staff.

'Extreme sport fanatic'

"He was fighting with us to get off. He wanted to jump off in the worst way," building official Timothy Donahue.

Worker on the construction of the Empire State Building
The Empire State Building, opened in 1931, is the city's tallest building
Building staff and a police officer restrained the man before handcuffing him to a railing and taking him into custody.

Mr Corliss is the host of the US Discovery Channel's Stunt Junkies, a show dedicated to the adventures in extreme sports like skydiving.

The Discovery Channel's website says he is an expert base jumper - someone who parachutes from fixed objects.

According to the website, Mr Corliss has jumped off the 1,483-foot (452-metre) Malaysian Petronas Towers and from a 3,000-foot (914-metre) cliff in Norway.

The Empire State Building, which opened in 1931, is the city's tallest building. The 102-floor tower has 85 floors of commercial space below the 86th-floor observation deck.

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