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'Killer alligator' caught in US
An alligator. File photo
Alligators can be very aggressive when hungry, experts say
Wildlife officers have caught an alligator they believe attacked and killed a jogger in Florida.

The dismembered body of Yovy Suarez Jimenez, 28, was found in the town of Sunrise on Wednesday, a day after she vanished while jogging near the canal.

A spokeswoman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said an alligator had been trapped under the bridge where Ms Jimenez was last seen.

Two human arms were found inside its stomach, the spokeswoman added.

A US medical examiner had concluded the alligator had bitten Ms Jimenez and dragged her into the water.

Dr Perper - who performed the autopsy on the victim - said the alligator had "basically amputated" her arms, and had bitten her on the leg and back.

Ms Jimenez had died "extremely fast", and was already dead by the time she was pulled into the water, the medical examiner for Broward County added.

History of attacks

A hunt for the alligator was launched after the body of Ms Jimenez was found. Wildlife officials said the reptile captured on Saturday measured 2.9 metres (9ft 6in).

No-one is believed to have seen the attack, but some people saw a woman matching Ms Jimenez's description dangling her feet over the canal's edge.

Florida wildlife officials said Ms Jimenez's death was the 18th confirmed fatal alligator attack in the state since 1948.

Nine other deaths thought to have been caused by alligators had not been confirmed.

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