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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 March 2006, 19:00 GMT
Psycho Path 'craziest' road in US
Image courtesy of thecarconnection.com
Other entries included Clinton and Fidelity streets and Zzyzx Road
A street in the US state of Michigan has won the dubious honour of being chosen as the most bizarrely named of more than 2,500 entries.

Psycho Path won first prize in a competition run by an American website.

Divorce Court (off Easy Lane) in Pennsylvania and Farfrompoopen Road in Tennessee were runners-up in the Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Names contest.

In the US, owners of private roads can register whatever name they choose with the local authorities.

Marty Padgett, editor of thecarconnection.com, said "Psycho Paths" were apparently popular in the US, after receiving several similar entries.

"I don't think they're mad on Psycho Path. If it is your property you can name private roads whatever you want.

"Psycho Path was that person's personal expression," he said.

Heading for Divorce Court

Some of the top entries occurred where two streets intersected - for example Stroke and Acoma streets in a retirement area of Wisconsin, or Lonesome and Hardup roads in Georgia.

1. Psycho Path
2. Divorce Court
3. Farfrompoopen Road
4. Clinton and Fidelity streets
5. Unexpected Road
Source: thecarconnection.com

Mr Padgett said his favourite was the intersection of Clinton and Fidelity streets in Houston, Texas.

"As far as bodily functions are concerned, you would probably not want to pass by Farfrompoopen Road.

"We are told it is the only way to get to Arkansas' Constipation Ridge."

All the street names were checked to ensure they were registered and not made up, including the macabre Shades of Death Road and the unpronounceable Zzyzx Road.

Mr Padgett said one reason for the bizarre listings could be that in some communities, developers simply ran out of names.

Jeff Zellar has lived in Pennsylvania's Divorce Court with his second wife for a few years.

"People laugh when they hear it. They ask: 'Are you planning on staying married?'

"In Divorce Court, there are seven homes - and probably six of us have been divorced already once. When we first moved in, my wife said: 'This sounds like trouble.'"

Mr Zellar is still married.

Your comments

Everyday that I walk to work, I take a shortcut through Lambs' Passage!
L. Tai, London, UK

In Amsterdam there are, among others, a 'Double Sausage Alley' ('Dubbele Worststeeg) and a 'Mad Nun Alley' (Dolle Begijnensteeg).
Koen Kleijn, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I always loved the old street names of the City of London - like Ave Maria lane off Ludgate, and Little Britain. You can feel the history through the ages - and forget about the fact that there's a Subway or Pret a Manger there now.
Matt Graham, Santa Monica, CA

In Toronto we have a street named Clinton and another named Gore, and they actually intersect. The funny thing is that they probably received their names back in the 19th century!
Jerzy Jarmasz, Toronto Canada

Thank you for the wonderful lunch break respite. I really needed the giggle. There is an area we passed through in Kentucky years ago called Possum Holler. The name of the pizza shop; Possum Holler Pizza. Needless to say, we thought better of it and kept travelling.
Melanee, Collegeville, PA, USA

I am regularly amused when dropping off FedEx packages in Chicago. Their closest facility to my office is located at the intersection of Hooker and Bliss Streets.
Martin, Chicago, Illinois, USA

In my hometown we have a street named 'Lois Lane'.
Graig English, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Boring Oregon City is a sign situated East of Portland near Boring, OR, directing drivers to these two cities. Boring is to the East and Oregon City to the South, of Portland.
Jim Cronin, Portland, Oregon, USA

"Jackass Hill" in Littleton or Highlands Ranch. It's off Mineral near Santa Fe.
Dara Ector, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA

Actually the place / street is in Yellowknife, NWT Road is called Ragged Ass Lane and the sign hardly ever stays up long enough to get photographed but there are many, many house with the sign in their living room wall!
Edith, Edmonton, Canada

While attending University in Kirksville, Missouri, I often noted parties occurring at the corner of Normal and High streets.
Tricia Sparks, Kansas City, USA

In Perth there's a Needless Road
Steve Woods, Edinburgh

How about "Friendly Place" near Blackheath in London. I pass it every morning. Sounds like a nice to live.
Nic, London, UK

That Road Bloomington, Indiana USA
David Meade, Sharpsburg, GA, USA

I have a friend from my home state of AL who blames his inability to find a good job on the fact that he lives on Possum Trott Road, which is stated clearly on his resume. Not only is the name itself ridiculous, but it's also spelled wrong.
Mary Anne, White Plains, NY

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