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Brain-dead woman dies after birth
Susan Torres
Susan Torres, 26, has been kept alive since a stroke in May
A brain-dead US woman who was kept alive for almost three months to give her foetus time to develop has died, a day after giving birth.

Susan Torres was removed from life support after her daughter was delivered two months premature at a Virginia hospital on Tuesday.

"This is obviously a bittersweet time for our family," Mrs Torres' brother-in-law said in a statement.

She suffered a stroke on 7 May after an undiagnosed cancer spread to her brain.

Doctors said she was brain dead, but they offered to keep her alive for the sake of the unborn baby.

Mrs Torres was four months pregnant with her second child.


Husband Jason had left his job to be at his wife's side.

Susan Anne Catherine Torres was delivered by Caesarean section and weighed 800g (1lb, 13oz).

A senior doctor at the Arlington hospital described the child as "very vigorous".

Donna Tilden-Archer said the baby had responded when she received stimulation, which indicated that she was healthy.

Mr Torres thanked those who had prayed and provided support for Mrs Torres, the baby and the family.

"We especially thank God for giving us little Susan," he said in a statement.

"My wife's courage will never be forgotten."

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03 Aug 05 |  Americas

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