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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 July 2005, 11:21 GMT 12:21 UK
Body of shot Brazilian flown home
By Steve Kingstone
BBC News, Sao Paulo

Jean Charles de Menezes
The shooting of Mr Menezes has caused anger in Brazil
The body of the man shot dead by police in London last week has been flown home to his native Brazil for burial.

Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was killed on Friday as he boarded a tube train by officers who suspected him of being linked to the London bombings.

The UK's Scotland Yard police headquarters has since admitted that he was not connected to such activity.

Mr Menezes' body is being moved to the family home in south-eastern Brazil where it will be buried on Friday.

The body arrived in Sao Paulo on a scheduled flight early on Thursday morning.


An air force jet was on standby to complete the journey to the state of Minas Gerais.

Relatives have planned a procession from the airfield to the family home in the tiny town of Gonzaga.

Britain's ambassador to Brazil has sent a letter of condolence and flowers to the family, but after consultation with the Brazilian foreign ministry, British officials will not attend the funeral.

The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has said he will take part in a requiem Mass for Mr Menezes.

The Mass will be held in London to coincide with the funeral of Mr Menezes in Brazil.

The shooting and the lack of details as to how it happened have caused anger in Brazil.

Some of the dead man's relatives have questioned the police account of events.

On Wednesday, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, spoke by telephone to Mr Menezes' father.

He is said to have explained that the British government has formally apologised for the death and promised compensation for the family.

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