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Last Updated: Monday, 6 February 2006, 18:06 GMT
Canada swears in Conservative PM
New Canadian PM Stephen Harper
Mr Harper's party controls a little more than a third of parliament
The leader of Canada's Conservative party, Stephen Harper, has been sworn in as the country's new prime minister.

The ceremony in Ottawa came two weeks after the general election, which ended 12 years of Liberal Party rule.

Mr Harper, a 46-year-old economist, has promised to end corruption in Canadian politics, reduce taxation and create a smaller government.

He will need to seek allies to push through these pledges as his party failed to obtain an absolute majority.

Mr Harper took over from Prime Minister Paul Martin, whose 18-month government fell in a no-confidence vote late last year amid allegations of corruption.

Mr Martin himself was cleared of personal involvement.

"Our mission is clear. We will restore faith and trust in our public institutions as we keep Canada strong and united," Mr Harper said in a statement.

His party controls a little more than a third of the seats in the House of Commons.

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