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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 February 2006, 11:01 GMT
Telesur and al-Jazeera sign deal
A Telesur news anchor rehearses for a live news broadcast in Caracas, Venezuela
Telesur says it wants to offer an alternative to US networks
The Latin American TV station Telesur, backed by the Venezuelan government, has signed a co-operation agreement with the Arabic channel al-Jazeera.

They will share content, as well as journalistic and technical expertise.

Head of Telesur Andres Izarra said his channel felt inspired by the path which al-Jazeera had taken to become a reference point in the Arab world.

Telesur says it seeks to promote regional integration and offer an alternative to US networks.

Telesur is also backed by three other left-wing Latin American governments - Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay - and can be seen in more than 20 countries.

It started its first broadcast from the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, last year.

Both Telesur and al-Jazeera have been criticised by politicians in the United States.

The Qatar-based Arabic channel is seen by Washington as being often critical of the US, particularly in its coverage of the "war on terror".

And some in the US have branded Telesur a "propaganda tool" for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is seen by the White House as an unfriendly head of state in South America.

Last year, the US House of Representatives voted to enable the Bush administration to begin broadcasting its own TV signals to Venezuela.

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