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Last Updated: Monday, 23 January 2006, 20:04 GMT
Bolivian president forms cabinet
Bolivian President Evo Morales
Mr Morales has pledged to end injustice and inequality
Bolivian President Evo Morales has named his cabinet, with ministers from a range of different interest groups.

On his first full day of work, he appointed 16 ministers, among them four women, farmers, business leaders, miners and indigenous representatives.

One of the key appointments was that of energy analyst and journalist Andres Soliz Rada as hydrocarbons minister.

Mr Morales has vowed to "recover" the country's natural resources by renationalising them.

I want to ask you personally that this government have zero corruption, zero bureaucracy
Evo Morales
Bolivian President

Correspondents say the appointment of Mr Soliz Rada could signal a tough fight for the multinational gas and oil companies operating in Bolivia.

But Mr Morales' choices appear to have been welcomed by many elements of Bolivian society.

The Bolivian leader acknowledged that expectations of his new government were very high.

"I want to ask you personally that this government have zero corruption, zero bureaucracy," Mr Morales said.

"The people are tired of this and it's got to end."

New people, new posts

The new Foreign Minister, David Choquehuanca, is like the president, an Aymara Indian.

The Mining Minister, Walter Villarroel, comes from a mining co-operative and wore his hard hat at the ceremony.

Mr Morales has also created a new post of minister of water, which will be held by Abel Mamani, a civic leader in the slum city of El Alto.

Mr Morales, the country's first indigenous president, has said he plans to rule "with all and for all".

Watch Evo Morales being sworn in

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