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Last Updated: Monday, 30 May, 2005, 23:39 GMT 00:39 UK
US officials may face Caracas ban
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez appealing for the extradition of Cuban bombing suspect Luis Posada Carriles
President Chavez wants the US to extradite Luis Posada Carriles
Venezuela is threatening to refuse entry to US officials in response to the decision to bar Venezuela's top judge from entering the United States.

US immigration officials cancelled Supreme Court President Omar Mora's US entry permit last week.

The US cited an "error" on the visa, described by Venezuelan Vice-President Jose Vicente Rangel as a "slight to Venezuela's dignity".

Venezuela's left-leaning President Hugo Chavez is a regular critic of the US.

"A lot of Americans come here, officials and senators, and we receive them without problems," Mr Rangel said.

"But if this kind of policy continues, which attacks Venezuelan institutions and respectable citizens like the Supreme Court president, we will eventually have to adopt a similar measure."

Mr Mora last week insisted the cancellation of his visa was linked to calls by Venezuela for the US to extradite Luis Posada Carriles, wanted by Caracas for the bombing of a Cuban plane in 1976.

Mr Posada Carriles is currently in US custody facing immigration charges, after the US refused a Venezuelan extradition request it described as "flawed".

Thousands of Venezuelans marched through Caracas last week in support of the government's call to extradite Mr Posada Carriles.

Officials at the US embassy in Caracas said Mr Mora's visa was cancelled for administrative rather than political reasons, adding that he was free to re-apply.

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