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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 December 2005, 11:24 GMT
Honduras failing storm-hit areas
By Simon Watts
BBC News, Miami

People walk in a flooded street in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, after Tropical Storm Gamma
The UNDP says more aid must reach the 30,000 families affected
Honduras has failed to provide adequate help to tens of thousands of families in coastal areas battered by recent hurricanes and storms, the UN says.

In a report sent to the government, the UN Development Programme urges planners to learn lessons so the country can be better prepared for future storms.

Wilma, Beta and Gamma killed dozens of Hondurans in October and November.

The Atlantic Coast is home to some of the poorest people in Honduras, one of the region's least developed countries.

So it is perhaps unsurprising that the recovery effort from a triple hit by storms or hurricanes is going slowly.


Calling for more action, the UNDP report gives the Honduran government details about the situation on the ground.

It says the relief operation should not be limited to rebuilding vital infrastructure, such as roads and bridges.

The UNDP stresses that more aid must reach the 30,000 families affected - many of whom lost everything, including their homes.

The Honduran disaster relief agency acknowledges more must be done, but says about 350 tons of supplies have been distributed.

The UNDP report does not appear to mention international aid, but relief agencies have said recently that, like the rest of Central America, the situation in Honduras is being neglected by the understandable focus on bigger disasters such as the recent earthquake in Pakistan and India.

Another difficulty is that Honduras will almost certainly be pounded by more storms next year, probably before recovery work from the latest ones is completed.

The UNDP says it wants to work with the Honduran government to ensure better prevention measures in place.

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