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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 April, 2005, 12:38 GMT 13:38 UK
Man 'kept dead mother in freezer'
A man engaged in a stand-off with police in the US state of Wisconsin told officers he had the body of his mother in his freezer.

When police gained entry, they found a body, encased in ice, frozen in a sitting position.

Philip Schuth, 52, told police he had been collecting his elderly mother's pension since she died in 2000, according to court documents.

He denied killing her, saying she had died of natural causes.

He said there were traces of his mother's blood on the walls because she had been scratched by a cat years before.

He said he feared police would suspect he had killed her, so he kept her death a secret.

Neighbours said Mr Schuth and his mother had doted on each other, and that he had been picked on since school because of their close relationship.

Bomb cache

Police had gone to his home in the town of Campbell, on an island in the Mississippi river, on an unrelated matter.

A local 10-year-old boy told his parents that Mr Schuth had hit him for playing in his garden.

When the parents and the boy went to Mr Schuth's house to confront him, he allegedly pulled out a hand gun and opened fire.

The father was hit three times, but not fatally.

When swat teams arrived a stand-off ensued, with Mr Schuth saying he had a cache of bombs in his house, court documents said.

Eventually he surrendered.

District Attorney Scott Horne said he hoped to bring charges of attempted homicide and reckless endangerment of the family, as well as having improvised explosives and concealing a corpse, the Associated Press reported.


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